Our Mission

Our Mission Statement

We are Shayna Rose Interiors. We create high quality semi- custom original designs that deliver within 1-3 weeks.

We also offer full custom work for clients who desire a signature, one-of-a-kind design. Our inspiration, energy and team commitment guarantees our customers receive elite service every time. At Shayna Rose Interiors, Everyone Wins.

About Shayna Rose

Shayna Rose built her business from the ground up with one principle in mind: “Everyone wins.” That way of living guides her own personal values, as well as everything her company offers.

Shayna Rose Interiors offers a unique opportunity for everyone along the supply chain, including wholesalers, designers, and customers to enjoy the highest quality, the best pricing, and elite customer service.

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We Equally Trust You! Let’s Design Against The Norm:

Technology has been changing the game for many business’s and the same stands true for interior designers. The old school way of design is just not necessary nor conducive to the masses. At an average of $125/hour, a designer can easily start to feel as if you have added an additional person to your payroll. […]

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