February 12, 2019

People pay for solutions, which is why Shayna Pellino, founder of Shayna Rose Interiors, is now offering the TRIPLE VALUE PROGRAM – a quick and effective way for existing real estate agents to become a part of the post sale process and earn money in the process. Many agents are all too familiar with the necessity of a ‘side hustle’ just to make ends meet, but not anymore. Thanks to Shayna, agents can now boost their personal income through the sale of interior design items that many new homeowners typically overlook, like area rugs, paint, light/privacy control and bedding (both human and canine).

And Shayna knows all too well the need to feel comfortable in your living space, from her own experience of being restricted to bed in February of 2017.

At the age of 25, Shayna thought she had her business figured out; Shayna Rose Interiors opened in December 2016; but she was doing it all – everything from networking to installations – and was dedicated to offering her clients the highest quality products on a budget/time table that most people only dream of.

Though there was little room for down time, on February 18, 2017, she and some friends headed to the Adirondack mountains in upstate New York, her childhood playground, where she grew up strapped to the snowmobile, but dangerous ice lurking beneath the fresh snowfall would change her young life forever.

She took a tight right turn at speeds over 45 mph and the snowmobile fishtailed during the last 15 degrees of the turn throwing her ten feet and smashing her into a tree. Her pelvis was broken, all nerves were crushed and she lost vision for over 45 minutes from the force of impact. The snowmobile was unscathed, but Shayna did not fare as well and describes the physical sensation as a “flushing” down her spine, the result of her spine recoiling. “It felt like someone picked me up and threw me into the tree” she says of the accident.

It took two snowmobile squads to transport her out to an ambulance, where she was then airlifted to the hospital, but it was the ‘perfect accident’; only 3% of people will ever break their pelvis and normally there is massive internal damage. Fortunately, this was not her experience; determined, she ‘crutched’ out of the hospital, but the road to recovery would not be as speedy.

Living in a fourth floor New York City walk-up was all the evidence she needed to realize that this was going to be a little harder than anticipated. Lying in bed, she watched every single episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and almost allowed herself to fall into a deep, dark despair.

For two months, she couldn’t even get out of bed without assistance and remembers her eyes welling up with tears, but also her refusal to accept defeat. Instead she chose to focus on small victories – hobbling from bed to the kitchen and from there onto the next milestone – the bathroom! Three months later, she could walk a whole block, six months later she could walk without the help of crutches and nine months later she could move – pain free.

Prior to her accident, relinquishing control was impossible, but after the accident and feeling stressed and out of control, she realized that clarity often leads to strength. Through her recovery, Shayna realized that she needed to restructure her entire business and that a team was necessary to take her business to the next level.

From her bed, she began strengthening her leadership skills and reconsidered each and every aspect of her business from sales, product purchasing, installations and most importantly – how to make sure everyone in the process wins.

Now, she has a solid team behind her – experienced installers, an administrative team to answer phones and take orders, as well as an executive strategist to align her vision with her teams so they can all execute efficiently and profitably.

Training for the new Triple Value Program includes: weekly webinars, a trade kit and one on one coaching. For more information contact her at: design@shaynaroseinteriors.com

Remarkably, Shayna’s accident could have cost her everything, but instead resulted in her re-evaluating her business and the results were amazing! From the bedroom of her NYC apartment, her business grew 34%.

Shayna firmly believes that there are no accidents and that the tree was a part of the script of her life – she really won! From this experience, she created a company culture supporting the mission that ‘Everyone Wins!’. This is guaranteed for everyone she works with, both internally and externally, at Shayna Rose Interiors.


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