March 11, 2019

Technology has been changing the game for many businesses and the same stands true for interior designers. The old school way of design is just not necessary nor conducive to the masses. At an average of $125/hour, a designer can easily start to feel as if you have added an additional person to your payroll. The truth of the matter is, where these hours accumulate is within the hours and often days spent vetting furniture, lighting fixtures, artwork etc. Let’s keep in mind the variable of time you’re paying for spent on commuting from store to store or the lengthly conversations with brand representatives preaching their product. At that rate, In today’s day in age I’d want a designer with a go-pro strapped on their head, who runs from store to store and was a mute. Did I cross a line?

At Shayna Rose Interiors we think it’s time to change the norm and bring a refreshing new perspective to design. We believe that EVERYONE has the ability to design and furnish their own home. I mean, everyone is fully capable of clicking a few buttons and choosing the install with delivery option (that almost every company now offers).

So what do clients really need?

We believe that all you really need is a sounding board. Someone who can present custom, creative and sensible solutions as well as educate on quality sourcing, material selection, layout and functionality. Someone who listens and doesn’t dictate. We believe everyone knows their preferences and at least has a small picture in their head of the outcome they’d like to see. We just help take the vision and articulate it into words. With an expert on your side to professionally spec your space and provide all measurements necessary for future custom works SRI will set you up for success. And by the way, what’s better than a company that can execute any of these custom needs in regards to window treatments, drapery, upholstery, custom furniture, pillows, cushions, bedding etc.

Even better! At Shayna Rose Interiors we offer the dynamic duo package. We are committed to providing convenience and can’t think of a better duo than a designer and a handyman. As if that doesn’t scream efficiency! If you are moving into a new home or looking to refresh your space, what’s better than having a designer help retrofit your personal items and assist in decision making while a handyman is assembling furniture, hanging pictures and putting up shelves. Shayna guarantees at the end of the day you will be feeling accomplished, organized and confident in taking the next steps on your own in the completion of your project.

Design Assistant   Design Assistant with Handyman

$395 Half Day.     Half Day: $595

$695 Full Day      Full Day: $895

These Services come with a 20% Discount on all SRI Products for 1 Year!

At Shayna Rose Interiors “EVERYONE WINS!”

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