May 8, 2020

Sales, Customer Service, and the New Normal

Sales, Customer Service, and “The New Normal”

All of us here at Shayna Rose Interiors are eagerly anticipating the day that the world opens back up and business resumes! But, we can’t help but wonder: How will “the new normal” affect our ability to enter our clients’ homes, communicate effectively, provide excellent customer service, and make meaningful sales with prospective clients?

Here are some of the things we’re keeping in mind as we plan for what’s next (and whatever comes after next) for our company:

Heading: Client Comfort

When we enter a client’s home to help them make their interior design dreams come true, it’s important that we do everything in our power to instill confidence by taking every safety precaution possible. For us, that means face masks and gloves will be worn on site at all times. 

We hope that by being diligent about wearing masks and gloves, we will give our clients confidence that their health, safety, and comfort are of utmost importance to us. 

But, masks do present certain challenges… which brings us to our next point! 

Heading: Presentation

As we look ahead and prepare to get back to business, we have to consider how masks and gloves affect our overall presentation. We take care as a team to present ourselves professionally at all times, especially when arriving on site to measure, install, or consult. We have to ask ourselves: Do blue plastic gloves and cheap paper masks present our team the way we want to be presented? Probably not! We compare it to wearing an expensive suit to a business meeting with a dirty white t-shirt underneath. It’s a confusing presentation! 

That’s why our team will arrive on site with white gloves and high-quality designer face masks. That way, we are still showing ourselves in a polished, professional light – while complying with the necessary safety precautions. 

But how will these masks affect our ability to communicate? Great question – that’s what we were just about to address! 

Heading: Customer Service Sales New Normal

Before this pandemic (feels like a different lifetime, doesn’t it??), a smile was worth a thousand words. But now? Will smiles and other non-verbal/expressive clues be an effective way to communicate with our clients, co-workers, and prospective customers? 

Luckily our CEO and Founder, Shayna Rose, is an expert at the Italian artform of talking with the hands! 🙂

Enthusiasm and warmth will need new forms of expression in “the new normal,” and business leaders might need to put more time into training these new (and therefore unnatural) techniques. Tone of voice, eye contact, and body language will mean more than ever before! 

Ready to think ahead for how your business will evolve to “the new normal”?

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