Custom Cut Carpet

Custom-Cut Carpet: Create Your Ideal Area Rug Interior design is all about color, texture, and proportion. And with Shayna Rose Interiors custom-cut carpet, you can make sure that applies to your area rug, too! Have you ever noticed how frustrating shopping for area rugs can be? All too often, you choose a carpet that looks perfect online—but when it arrives, it’s thin, dull, and low-quality. Or, you have to choose between getting exactly the carpet pattern you want or getting the right dimen...

We Equally Trust You! Let’s Design Against The Norm.

Technology has been changing the game for many businesses and the same stands true for interior designers. The old school way of design is just not necessary nor conducive to the masses. At an average of $125/hour, a designer can easily start to feel as if you have added an additional person to your payroll. The truth of the matter is, where these hours accumulate is within the hours and often days spent vetting furniture, lighting fixtures, artwork etc. Let’s keep in mind the variable of...

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